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5, test methods Model Product Name fixation rate mim xerophthalmia h mm viscous flow value


P01101 resin offset printing white ink – 1032 ~ 4010 ~ 16

P02232 yellow resin offset printing ink 408 ~ 14

P02305 green resin offset printing ink

P02424 sky blue resin offset printing ink 33 ~ 41

P02623 gold red resin offset printing ink

P02655 offset magenta ink resin P02802 offset resin printed with black ink 5034 ~ 42

5 Test methods 5.1 Color by GB/T14624.1 tested.

5.2 tinting by GB/T14624.2 tested.

5.3 fineness tested by QB559.

5.4 fluidity tested by GB/T14624.3.

5.5 xerophthalmia by GB/T14624.4 tested.

5.6 viscosity tested by GB/T14624.5.

5.7 fixation rate tested by QB570.

5.8 mobile value tested by QB577.

6, inspection rules 6.1 factory inspection 6.1.1 Products manufactured by the factory inspection department prior to inspection, inspection certificate be accompanied by a qualified factory.

6.1.2 factory test items for color, fineness, fluidity and color strength.

6.2 Type tests 6.2.1 one of the following conditions, type of inspection should be carried out.

A. transfer of new products or old products, identification of plant production trial setting;

B. after the official production, such as structure, materials, technology has changed quite drastically, when that may affect product performance;

C. normal production, an inspection every year;

D. product after a long shutdown, resume production;

E. bodies for Quality Supervision, Inspection request type.

6.3 the same color, same as the number of products, each batch of samples of not less than (n / 2) 1 / 2 [which, n in each batch of product barrel (tank) number], barrel (tank ) sample of not less than 20g, and pay attention to cleaning and sealing the sample.

6.4 test results if it failed projects, products from the same batch of new types of sampling for reinspection to retest results shall prevail, if the project is still unsatisfactory, then the sentence using the product failed.

6.5 supply and demand sides disagree on the test results can not settle through consultation may be the product quality supervision and inspection bodies for arbitration inspection.

7, logo, packaging, transportation, storage 7.1 offset printing ink resin, tin or iron drum, tin and then into outer box.

7.2 tin or iron should be affixed to or printed outside the trademark, manufacturer, product name, model, product standard number, quantity, weight, batch number, manufacture date and “no reverse” sign.

7.4 7.1 packaging products in line with the request, available vehicles, ships, aircraft and other transportation vehicles.

7.5 and moving in the transport process, not throw, drop, collision, to prevent the packaging is damaged, ink overflow.

7.6 products may not be open storage, warehouse must be dry, ventilated to prevent moisture away from the fire.

7.7 7.6 storage products in line with conditions, from the date of production, effective storage period of two years.

Additional Description: This standard by the Secretary Ministry of light industry quality standards.

The standard standardized by the National Centre under the jurisdiction of ink.

Drafting of this standard: Shanghai ink factory.

Main drafters of this standard: Jinzhi Wu.

From the date of implementation of this standard, the former Ministry of Light Industry standard QB555-83 “offset printing ink resin” void.

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