Mens suits are popular and the lounge suit is a classic – and it gives men an excuse to look professional all week round. Partnered with good shoes and a skinny tie, a suit will make the wearer feel confident and look formidable. Opt for a slim fitting suit if your tall and slim otherwise go for double breasted and tailored. Grey and navy is the colour this season, go for a metallic blue for Christmas parties and special occasions.

Liven up any outfit with bright by adding contrasting ties, go for different fabric ties such as leather and suede. Adding different colours will appear as though you are alternating outfits well. Varying colour and accessories will also affect the formality of the suit and funky socks and ties could make it more casual, while a neutral shirt will make the suit more professional. Button-down collars, skinny ties and lapels should be worn to create the illusion of length in the body.

The suit does not have to break the bank anymore, with suits at affordable prices; you may even be able to buy two! Burton has presented a single-breasted black suit for 139 and Charlie Allen has designed an affordable suiting range starting from 79, so it need not be a luxury anymore. Wear a suit correctly and you will look like a million bucks even if you paid less than 80.

Fashion Week focuses on the jacket and jeans combination that remains a popular smart-casual combo. Wearing a shirt underneath does help, but the formality of the shirt can vary from a t-shirt to a button down white shirt. Mens jeans should fit properly and low waisted jeans with a short, fitted jacket will turn heads if the colour combination is correct. Red is popular, rather than the muted colours. Men want to get noticed with bold colours that are still masculine.
On the casual front, utility clothing is still on the catwalk and the streets. Wear army combat trousers or Breton fishermens sweaters, but combine it with a military jacket. Dress down by choosing accessories in modest fabrics and styles. You may be tired of wearing a suit and then dress down occasionally, but ensure that you still look dapper and suave, even when walking around the shopping mall.

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