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Wedding day is the most important day of anybody?s life. Especially, in India the wedding day is full of so many traditions and rituals that it has become popular over the world. For ages, Indian matrimonials have all been about the look of the bride. But it is changing now. Even the grooms are as concerned about their look as the brides are. Just like the Indian bride, the groom is also now looking to wear attractive and eye-catching clothes. Not just the clothes but accessories, hair style are also finding place in a groom?s style itinerary for his wedding day. Thus, this article will focus on grooming the Indian groom.

Earlier, not many grooms used to concentrate on their look for the wedding day. But now the scene with the groom styling has completely changed in the Indian matrimony. To-be grooms start planning much in advance about all the details of his get-up. This includes dress, hairstyle, accessories and skin care. Also, for all the pre and post wedding functions also, the look has to be taken care of.

Firstly, the wedding attire is chosen. After all, in any Indian wedding, the dress of the bride and the groom holds a lot of significance. Although for brides, there are different styles in different community marriages, for men, the style more or less remains the same. Sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits, Kurta Pyjamas and formal suits are the all time favorites. The most common colors chosen by boys are brown, grey, blue and beige. However, these days more bold colors like red, black and maroon are also being tried in sherwanis. Sherwanis are typical north Indian and Punjabi wedding attires but they are finding acceptability in other regions too. It is a long coat, which is buttoned up in the front with Nehru collars. The length of the sherwani is well below the knees. It looks very elegant. Heavy embroidered sherwanis are all time favorites. Kashida, gold and silver aari work, chikankari and dabka embroidery are very famous. Fabrics like silk and brocade are also preferred for a chic look.

With sherwanis, mojaris or juttis are worn as footwear. These could be made to order as per the embroidery of the sherwani or readymade embroidered ones could be bought from the market. This accessory is a must to complete the ethnic look for the wedding day. As a headgear, turbans or safas are worn. They are worn in traditional Rajasthani style in bright prints. The turban is matched with a stole of similar print and cloth. To complete this ethnic look, an elegant string of pearls or a necklace with a pendant is worn over the sherwani. This gives the groom a very elegant and regal look.

The ethnic dresses are mostly chosen for the wedding day while for the reception party, a formal three-piece suit is preferred. With a formal suit, tie and the color and texture of the shirt play an important part. Stylish shirts in shades of navy blue, copper and grey can complement the look in a big way. Then, a proper tie should be chosen. Striped or printed silk ties in contrast colors are a big hit. A double-knotted tie worn nicely over the shirt gives the groom a much-desired smart look. With suits, formal shoes in colors of brown, black, grey or sometimes, even cherry are preferred. Then, one could also use other accessories like cuff links, tie pins, bracelets, chains and rings. Then, wearing a good perfume will complete the styling of a well-groomed groom on his wedding day.

This much was about clothes, shoes and accessories of the groom in the Indian matrimony. Now, a few tips on the groom?s skin care and hair styling. To make the skin look radiant and glowing on the wedding day, grooms go to salons days in advance. Special facials and skin care treatments for men are given to boys readying for matrimony. Also, it is advised that they avoid oily and spicy food for days before marriage. Drinking a lot of water is also advised to flush out toxins from the body and give that radiant and glowing look to the skin.

Hair styling is best left to the stylist. Generally, combing them towards the back and using good hair gel that keeps the hair style in place is sufficient. However, if the groom is wearing a turban, hair style does not matter. Thus, Indian groom has come of age and is as particular about looking his best as the bride is. After all, the day is special for both of them. Indian matrimonials are all about such celebrations and feeling good about oneself. Both the bride and the groom hunt for the perfect wardrobe for their wedding day because marriage is for a lifetime and the clothes in which they begin their special journey together are obviously very significant.

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Every bride and groom who decides to have their wedding outside of a church usually already have a good idea of where they want their ceremony preformed. Many couples have planned their wedding in a park or beautiful garden area. If you are trying to decide where you want to make your memories, here are a few considerations to think about if a garden wedding is on your list.

Many things should be thought about before planning your garden wedding; however the biggest factor that could ruin your dream garden is the weather. It’s okay to go ahead with your plans as is, however you should have a backup location chosen or be prepared to set up a tent in the event the weatherman has made a mistake! You can also talk to your florist about weatherizing flowers and helping to protect them in the event bad weather should become a factor. Mother Nature cannot create magic, so using common sense is necessary.

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When planning a garden wedding, remember that the weather can also take its toll on food. If you intend to have dairy products, such as butter, cheese or mayonnaise, hot weather may spoil them and leave you with hungry guests. Think about serving hot food that will stay preserved in hot weather. You can also create ice bowls, in which you place dishes in bowls of ice, keeping them cool and helping them to last longer.

Another factor to take into consideration when planning a garden wedding is the noise level. Visit the garden and listen before making your decision. Is traffic going to cause a problem? It is not romantic to say your vows while horns are honking and tires are squealing! Also, is the garden located in a busy park? Will there be children playing close by and families picnicking? Stop and listen for sounds that may become a problem in making your day special.

Wedding attire is another thought to be considered when planning your garden wedding. While choosing attire for yourself and your wedding party, keep in mind that with hot climates and sticky temperatures, heavily lined dresses may not be suitable for the outdoors. A sweaty wedding party will not compliment your big day and will create misery for those who want to help make this day special. Also keep away from heels, which can sink into grass, making walking down the aisle awkward for everyone.

The guests also need to be thought about when planning your garden wedding. Although they will be sitting comfortably listening to you and your groom exchange vows, think about restroom facilities. Are the restrooms clean and free of unpleasant smells? If not, you may think about renting clean, portable facilities for the day.

Even if you take all of these things into consideration when planning your garden wedding, mishaps may still occur, however using these tips can help to make your day just the way you want it to be: memorable.

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Wedding is one of the most pleasurable occasions where all can enjoy from teen to elder. Everybody getting excited with lots of shopping of clothes, jewelry etc… but most excited for bride regarding what types of saree she should buy for different functions which is going in wedding. The verities of wedding sarees collection are available in the market. Today the new trends of fashion sarees which Indian celebrities show off wearing bridal attire on fashion show. As we show the people highly influenced by the bollywood films, Indian celebrities and TV serials actress. Celebrities or Bollywood style sarees are also available in the market ranging from few hundred to thousands.

Wedding Saree is also enthused by Bollywood trends. There are different colors, sequins; stones and stitching are greatly influenced by Bollywood. Wedding saree in purple, red, pink is generally selected for this occasion. As seasonal, the golden zari and embroidered work done on it and it makes the saree look rich and vibrant.

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Now a day in foreign country also has started to buy saree from India especially for wedding sarees. They are known that the more design and colors, variety, and specialty in saree are no other than India. There are many online shops available that you can shop online by sitting at home. For the wedding, it’s very difficult to roam market and its very time consuming so, it very easy to buy online wedding sarees. On internet website, you can see the clear picture of the saree what you want. So, what are you looking for, shop online and get the sarees at your doorstep by just placing the online order on site.

To get this Indian wedding wear and bridal sarees, internet is the best place to shop for the same. Along with variety, high quality, affordable prices. is one of the most popular online shopping websites for Indian sarees, wedding sarees, bridal saree, wedding lehenga, salwar kameez.

On wedding there are other accessories also necessary. So we have other wedding accessories available at our shop. We have unique wedding clutch purses, bridal clutch purses available for the same. Jewelry accessories are also at the same spot. Bangles, Necklace Sets, Earrings etc are available.

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This is the reason why women choose their gowns a long time before the event. It is a really important event and you can’t afford to look otherwise than perfect. You have to be really lucky to find the right evening gowns without trying a large number of dresses. So, if you have to purchase different wedding suits, then take the person who you trust the most and also, a large portion of patience with you. You will really need it.

When it comes to weddings, men usually choose the black suit and use accents of colors in accordance with the theme color of the wedding. In this way, they will look amazing, underlining the beauty of the bride’s gown. After all, she is the center of attraction in a wedding. But even if the groom will choose a black suit, this doesn’t mean that it will be a pretty easy job. You can find all kind of black suits, but you won’t like all the same. Just make sure you find the right one for you.

No matter what type of clothes you want to find, but with regard to wedding suits as well, patience and attention to details must be the main keys that you keep with you when you start this search. You will discover that a wedding suit can be a little bit more pricy, especially if you want the waistcoat to be in the same color with the color theme for your wedding, the cufflinks for your shirt, the breast-pin etc. And if you want to feel really comfortable or even wear the suit on different special occasions afterwards, the best decision is to choose a high quality fabric tailored in a great style.

At a wedding, besides the bride and the groom, people pay close attention to the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. This is the reason why, if you visit a wedding dress shop, you will discover a special department for mother of the bride dresses. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the groom’s mother can’t buy her dress suits from here. Being dressed up in great style shows a great sign of respect for the children’s special event.

There are people who are wondering what to do when they have a wedding to attend to, but they don’t find anything for their taste. In this case, the best solution is to opt for custom suits. You can choose the linen suits that you want, and no matter if it is a skirt suits for women or others for men, they will be tailored exactly for your unique figure, so you can look amazing. Also, the women’s suit can be assorted with church hats for a plus of style. The most important thing is to find the clothes which are the most appropriate for the event.


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If you have narrow feet, the needs of your zumba footwear for class are not that much different from any other student’s in the class. There are excellent websites that provide a substantial assortment of narrow shoes.

When looking for a set of shoes your initial thing to consider, right after if they will match your dance costumes, should be the type of shoe. Do you require to purchase a special shoe for your narrow feet? Do you require a particular pair of sneakers for zumba class?

You will require a narrow footwear to suit your foot correctly but you will not need to buy a specific pair of shoes for zumba class. If you currently have a pair of cross trainers in your closet you can go ahead and strap those to your feet for dance class.

Keep away from running or walking sneakers. What running shoes do not provide you is support for the lateral dance moves you’ll be making in class.

Running and walking sneakers are made for shifting forward. They are padded and reinforced in the ideal areas to help your foot roll frontward with every step. Cross trainers are cushioned and supported to help you move in all directions.

Look for a pair of zumba shoes with mesh uppers in addition. You’ll value how much they keep your feet cool when compared with leather uppers. All leather uppers trap heat and wetness. Leather is however great for lateral support so search for a pair of shoes that is a combination of fine mesh and leather or some other type of supportive manufactured material.

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Weddings are delighted but incredibly tense activities to arrange. They have become more elegant and it takes almost a full time job to plan the best day. That is why many people are looking to seek the solutions of a marriage adviser to support them in preparing their marriage. The adviser can get rid of or decrease the tension, but you have to make sure you seek the solutions of a able and able expert who knows all the way it operates of this business.

If you want even the smallest little aspect to be taken care of at your marriage, it would be suggested that you seek the solutions of a marriage adviser. This can spend less you a lot of money. The marriage adviser will help you arrange your marriage and the most important of all he or she will spend less you from aggravation.

Marriage are made in paradise, everyone wants their marriage to be unforgettable and special, no matter which world they fit in with, individuals always enjoy their wedding ceremonies with passion and energy. People all over Nations have started marriage in offshore places to create their marriage as unforgettable as possible, with the Western Partnership making it possible for free travel between nations around the world, Nations on a whole has come to discover the beauty and the unique places that Malta comes to offer.

Weddings mean a lot of planning, which if not maintained properly, can impact the beauty of this wonderful situation. To avoid any such situation from stemming, you can put your have confidence in into expert marriage organizers. Whether you?re looking for a story adventure marriage , marriage offshore or simply something unique, these experts can create it possible for you. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should use a marriage adviser.


Wedding planning is a hard enough process for even the most structured of wedding brides so it is little wonder that these days many have transformed to the services of an experienced marriage adviser to help them arrange their marriage.

There is lot that needs to be planned beforehand that includes the marriage area, transport for the couple and for the visitors, flower understanding, completing a catering service, deciding for marriage DJ, looking after the wedding in the religious, selecting a proper marriage professional wedding photographer, helping the couple to decide upon their marriage apparel and even guaranteeing that the invites are send on the best.

One of the most wondrous instances in daily normal life is a marriage, some time when two individuals in love exchange those powerful words, ?I Do?, which holds them lawfully as couple. Although an interesting duration of life, planning a marriage is also a very tense time. For that reason, many individuals have discovered the benefits of selecting a professional manager to ensure everything comes together as it should.

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